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Success is a conscious, top of the mind thought process... a decision that YOU make.

Jim Ziegler has worked with 15,000+ dealerships nationwide. For over 40 years Jim has been a recognized industry writer, magazine columnist, professional speaker and super performer.

Factory executives seek his advice on marketing trends and industry future forecasts. James A. Ziegler is a cut above; he is the author of the best-selling book “The Prosperity Equation, New Millennium Edition”, where he reveals his secrets of what it takes to be a success in the business world.

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Jim Ziegler

Jim Ziegler

President & CEO

James A. Ziegler, CSP has researched, studied and trained in the retail automobile business as surely as if he were studying for a Masters’ degree in any other profession. The ultimate student of our industry; Ziegler exhibits intellectual dynamics and an incredible ability to perform at levels well above industry standards.

 Debbie Ziegler

Debbie Ziegler

Vice President

Debbie Ziegler is the wife of Jim Ziegler and head of finance at The Ziegler Corporations.

Contact Debbie at 800.726.0510

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Alpha Dawg

For more than 40 years, James A. Ziegler, CSP has been a recognized industry leader, writer, magazine columnist, professional speaker and super performer… 

He is a professional member of the National Speaker’s Association as well as National Speaker’s Association Georgia. In July 2001, Jim earned the prestigious “Certified Speaking Professional” (CSP) designation at the NSA National Convention in Dallas. Less than 1/3 of one percent of all professional speakers worldwide ever achieves this coveted honor, the association’s highest earned award.

Jim Ziegler’s future forecasting has accuracy in the 90% + category for predicting industry trends and events before they happen. The best record in the industry.

Nobody has hands-on experience rivaling his accomplishments in the retail auto industry. Since March of 1986, Ziegler has done business with more than 15,000 dealerships nationwide and more than 100,000 Dealers, managers and factory executives have attended Jim’s automobile dealer management seminars. Traveling more than 200 days a year, the man has physically worked in more than 1000 showrooms in no less than 200 cities in 49 states. (hasn’t made it to Alaska yet).

As a record setting manager with some of the top automobile dealerships in the country his credentials include: 

  • Worked with well over 15,000 dealerships nationwide
  • Over 100,000 Dealers, Managers and Executives attended his seminars
  • He’s worked in more than 1000 showrooms in 200 cities in 49 states
  • Featured keynote speaker at dozens of State Automobile Dealer Association Conventions
  • Rated in top ten workshop speakers at many National NADA Conventions
  • Featured speaker at multiple J.D. Power Roundtables, scheduled again in October
  • Keynote speaker at 3 AICPA Conventions, also scheduled again in October
  • Speaker at three Digital Dealer Conventions, including Keynote DD2
  • Widely Read National Columnist, Automotive Retail
  • Respected industry futurist and forecaster
  • Columnist for Wards Dealer Business Magazine
  • Columnist for F&I/Showroom magazine
  • Writes for ADM Community and Dealer Elite online communities
  • More than 100,000 friends and followers in Social Media
  • Prolific Automotive Blogger with thousands of followers
  • Jim’s “Internet Battle Plan” events have been attended by hundreds of dealers, managers and automotive executives
  • Jim is regularly called on by top industry executives for his input on dealer matters
  • 2012 Jim was awarded the “Passion Award” for lifetime achievement in the industry

Want to know what Jim Ziegler can do for you?

As a retail consultant working with manufacturers and more than 500 dealerships nationwide, Ziegler is respected for his expertise internationally. Very few people in the world can pick up a phone and get more automotive decision-makers to answer.

He has been the featured keynote speaker for 79 State Automobile Dealer Association Annual Conventions and has been consistently rated at the top of the top ten speakers at 14 National NADA Conventions and 2008 Keynote Speaker Australian Auto Dealers Annual Convention.

James Ziegler is often interviewed, featured in articles by him or about him, and quoted as an industry expert by Reuters, Automotive News, USA Today, Bloomberg News, Dow-Jones, Wards Dealer Business, F&I and Showroom magazine, Entrepreneur magazine and Success magazine, Newswire, Automotive Executive, RV Executive today, Auto Age, Auto Success, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, WSB television, BBC International Radio, Detroit News, and he’s appeared on CNN.

Jim is currently a featured national magazine columnist for Wards Dealer Business magazine as well as F&I and Showroom magazine.

For more than 14 years Jim was featured monthly columnist in DEALER Magazine with his very popular and always controversial column “The Dealer Advocate.” Extremely popular with the Dealers and respected by the factories and industry insiders, the man has become an in-demand celebrity speaker in the retail automobile industry.

Factory executives seek his advice on marketing trends and industry future forecasts. James A. Ziegler is a cut above; he is the author of the best-selling book The Prosperity Equation, New Millennium, where he reveals his secrets of what it takes to be a success in the business world.

There’s nobody else quite like him. They’ll tell you Jim Ziegler is honest, intellectual, and sincere, but; he is also one of the funniest human beings on the planet with his unique sarcasm brand of humor. His humor sneaks up on you and you’ll find yourself laughing minutes later when that aha moment strikes you. They will also say that James A. Ziegler is the best there is in the U.S. retail automobile business today.

He has two automobile industry presentations, “Fire and Rain” and “The Shape of Things to Come” both presentations titled after 1960’s songs and both presentations are identically the same, just different titles. Every one of his presentations is customized and current as he discusses industry events and future forecasting with his unique spin on things.

Maybe he really doesn’t take himself as seriously as all of that. Outrageous, with a deep sense of humor, Ziegler might just be putting you on with his hats, jewelry and over-the-top persona.

Don’t underestimate this guy; he’s the real deal. Get in touch now

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