Alpha Dawg Down

May 7, 2016 The Alpha Dawg

Alpha Dawg Down

M-OTPMay4-2I have visited five cities in three weeks, traveling to the North, South, East and West through some of the worst and most erratic weather of the year. I went from warm weather with pollen raining down everywhere to the snow, cold temperatures and wet, windy weather of the Northern reaches and then back down South again.

I’m happy to be back home in Atlanta, but for more reasons than one. Don’t ever take your health for granted, my friends. Sudden illnesses can deliver a knockout punch.

I didn’t think much about the sniffles, chest congestion and coughing when it started. I blew it off as pollen allergies or maybe a head cold. In any case, I was busy. I was in Lake Charles, La., working with a dealer and dealership I hold in the highest regard, Billy Navarre Chevrolet. Picture this: There are 50 sales representatives and managers in my class. I’m in front of the room sniffling and occasionally coughing and sneezing, all loaded up on over-the-counter meds.

Toward the end of the second day, the symptoms were intensifying. I finished up, collected the check, got in my car and pulled out in the direction of the hotel. I didn’t get far. I stopped, picked up my phone and searched for the nearest hospital.

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