Auto Dealer Monthly: Second Half Comebacks

February 3, 2014 The Alpha Dawg

Auto Dealer Monthly: Second Half Comebacks

Fiction is filled with stories about second-half comebacks. Rocky always gets his ass kicked for at least the first three rounds before he reaches deep down and pulls out a win. Come on, admit it. We all thought Ivan Drago was going to kill him. The turning point came when Rocky’s corner man shouted, “You cut him! You hurt him! … He’s not a machine, he’s a man!”

This past NFL season featured countless comebacks, but the most amazing of them all has to be the November 24th showdown between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos. I was feeling embarrassed for the Patriots and their fans after Denver scored 24 unanswered points before halftime. Just when it looked like their punter might pass out from exhaustion, the Patriots rallied in the second half and pulled off a 34-31 overtime victory.

Well, your competitors are not machines, and they sure as hell ain’t the Denver Broncos. You can bring down the best of them.

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