August 26, 2014 The Alpha Dawg

Go Mobile or Go Home

I just returned home to Atlanta after a 2-day speaking adventure in Dayton and Columbus, OH. Still traveling 200 days a year, somehow I envisioned I would have slowed down by now.

As I sat in the Delta Sky Club waiting for my outbound flight, I became acutely aware of the behavior of people around me. They suffer from a disease that’s epidemic, probably pandemic. It’s a hopeless addiction and, most likely, incurable.

Everywhere I looked, people were standing or sitting with their heads down, fully engrossed by their handheld mobile devices that connect us and give us access to virtually all of the information and knowledge accumulated in the history of our world.

Besides that, we use our mobile devices to post pictures, play games, and communicate with strangers on social networks, occasionally research products and even transact purchases.

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