August 14, 2016 The Alpha Dawg

Habits of Highly Paid Sales Professionals

In the past 40 years, I’ve interacted with hundreds of thousands of car sales professionals who work for thousands of dealerships in 49 states. Every month, they start over again at zero, with this month’s hero going back to the starting line as a new race begins.

Regardless of pay plans and how they are structured, there are always those few who consistently make incredible money, often rivaling the income of attorneys and physicians and other highly paid professionals. It’s not uncommon for top producers to sell 25 to 30 units a month, every month.

On the other end of the spectrum are those salespeople who make just above minimum wage. They perpetually whine and complain and make excuses. They can get by and live on that kind of money, but they never seem to dig their way out of the hole of mediocrity. In the middle of the pack, you’ll find salespeople whose income is like a rollercoaster, with good months followed by bad months. One month they’ll knock the cover off of the ball; the next they crash and burn, never stringing two good months together. Consistent or inconsistent, these Eight-Car Freds (or Fredrickas) sell just enough to get by and keep the sales managers off of their backs.

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