Christian Jorn

President of Remora, Christian Jorn, is the expert that the auto industry has looked to since 2008 for car dealer website, and search engine marketing innovations. Also, this guy sold cars! Seemingly the only professional in a field of amateurs, and the undisputed leader in organic advertising for car dealers, Remora dominates the biggest markets by serving home grown, enterprise search engine software that wins.

Dealers Respecting Online Prospects and Millennials: Exposed!

Meeting younger shoppers where they are with cutting-edge texting technology and organic search domination.

  • Dealer attendees will learn how to outrank the classifieds in organic search on the most valuable search terms and key phrases that consumers use. Dealers will feel empowered to use this new knowledge to make the necessary adjustments at home to start moving real metal every day from organic search with their own domain.
  • All attendees will be introduced to a new method of communicating with online prospects and customers via text that will soon become an industry standard for all over performing dealerships.
  • Dealers will be exposed to real search data via case studies and will learn about important benchmarks in Google Analytics to determine their dealership’s current findability levels and website performance.
  • Dealers that respect their prospect’s texting preferences are consistently rewarded with new business that spreads and repeats. Presenting your dealership with the tech that the younger crowd already uses makes engagement with car dealers much easier. Technically “woke” dealers eat more than their fair share and stand out from the program crowd with enterprise technology that respects their visitors.