Dave SpannhakeDave Spannhake

Dave Spannhake is the Founder and CEO of Reunion Marketing. His love for learning and constant push to get better each day has been an important catalyst in the rapid growth of Reunion since its incorporation in 2015, leading a team of more than 50 marketing rockstars to partner with hundreds of stores across the industry. This Ohio University Bobcat alum has been shaking up the automotive marketing landscape since 2005 and continues to challenge the status quo by developing new strategies leveraging data science and consumer psychology to position Reunion Marketing at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Outside of marketing, his passions in involve spending time with his three beautiful children and incredibly patient wife, celebrating life with friends, cheering for his Buckeyes and Rangers, and finding a wide variety of games and activities to feed his competitive nature. His marketing mantra and Reunion Marketing’s primary tagline: Data Beats Intuition.

What We Can Learn From Political Campaign Marketing to Drive Shoppers and Sales

  • We will learn about the dramatic difference in results when ads are targeted to the right audiences with messaging that matches those audiences
  • We will compare the differences in strategies between historical awareness and brand stimulus channels from traditional media with how to effectively target through modern programmatic marketing channels
  • We will review the setup and goals of a social media campaign for automotive dealerships that more aligns with the proven methods of multi-million dollar political campaigns
  • We will further dive into how the same level of granularity works with other marketing channels to save marketing budgets through search engine marketing
  • We will finally review a marketing plan to help create budget efficiencies and stronger results reinforcing the benefits of “advertising to the individual.”