Eric Miltsch

Debbie and the Dawg are proud to announce that our friend, Eric Miltsch will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Internet Battle Plan in Atlanta in September.

Eric’s presentation is “How To Build a Used Car Empire”

Eric Miltsch is co-founder of Dealer Teamwork and a longtime friend of ours. Jim and Debbie have known Eric for a long time, as a matter of fact; He was a featured speaker Internet Battle Battle Plan 5 more than a few years back. He and Jim Ziegler are also Corvette enthusiasts.

The reason We asked (actually we begged him) to speak at Battle Plan is not just because he is an Internet marketing genius; we asked him to speak on this subject BECAUSE he was one of the driving Forces as Internet Director of a Used Vehicle Operation called “Auction Direct USA”, which was the Most Successful and Highest Volume pre-owned Independent Car Dealership in the world at that time.

This guy is the Ultimate Expert in Technology sales for Pre-Owned Car Dealers.

As part of Eric’s presentation, He is Offering a FREE total Dealership Marketing Audit and Evaluation of Your dealership, with NO Obligation. If You would like this incredible service just drop Eric an Email request to

We are also looking for a few volunteer dealers that are attending Internet Battle Plan who would be willing to share a “LIVE” Audit of your marketing in front of the audience.

DO NOT MISS ERIC MILTSCH at Internet Battle Plan XXVI (26) in Atlanta.