Mike Cavanaugh

EVP MAX Digital

Mike grew up selling cars with his dad. He served in the United States Marine Corps, doing two tours in Iraq before returning to selling cars, working for one of the largest auto finance companies, serving as COO of a 28-store group and joining MAX Digital, now as Executive Vice President. MAX Digital serves some of the largest most respected dealerships in the nation because in head-to-head tests, dealers sold more cars more profitably using MAX Digital’s award-winning inventory management and people-friendly digital retail solutions. MAX Digital helps dealerships deliver the experiences today’s customers want.

Hunting for Gross Profit in Today’s Transparent Market

  • The surprising effect of no-haggle pricing on profit
  • Decommoditize your vehicles online and in the showroom to hold price
  • Trade-in collaboration and linkage to third party valuation to drive preferred experience and more profitable results
  • Proving out vendor savings in head-to-head testing
  • Asking for more from your existing vendor network