Velko Tuhchiev

Velko Academy is the most relevant source for sales , marketing and life skills.Founded by the #ProfessionalProblemSolver Velko Tuhchiev, known for his unique style of educational selling techniques and building relationships.

Velko became nationality recognized in the auto industry, achieving massive success as a top producer, selling 40 units per month, working 4 days per week, serving 100% Repeat and Referral buyers.

What makes us unique:

Everything we teach is experience. We show vs tell. We focus on branding, referrals , cross-promotion and closing techniques that allow you to keep your profit without offering discounts.

“Dominate the Paradigm Shift”

      • Build a Powerful Brand – it’s not who you know , its who knows you.
      • Understand your buyer and become their favorite dealer / sales person
      • Video is a must – get their attention and get them to show up
      • The truth about Referrals and how to get massive amount every time you sell something
      • Using cross-promotion to keep your profit and create motivation
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