That Ain’t Gonna Happen

July 9, 2015 The Alpha Dawg

That Ain’t Gonna Happen

M-OTPJUly3-1It wasn’t that many years ago I was working with a Chevrolet dealership in Maryland training the sales and management teams on techniques and processes. There was one manager in particular — to this day, a great friend — who stands out in my memories from that time. His name is Ray, and he could rain on a salesperson’s parade and deflate their spirit quicker than anyone I’d ever encountered.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Ray is a decent guy and a very good manager. But when he saw a salesperson working the desk harder than they were working the customer, he would look them in the eye with a gaze that could turn you to stone and say, “That ain’t gonna happen!”

When Ray said that, his tone of voice, his facial expression, his body language … everything about his demeanor chilled the salesperson to the bone. He was in charge and the outcome of the deal was totally up to him. If a salesperson thought they were going to work the manager or put something over on him, the fact that it wasn’t gonna happen quickly became obvious.

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