October 7, 2013 The Alpha Dawg

Why Am I Under Investigation?

No challenge in life ever seems to show up at a convenient time. In my case, when you’re scrambling 200 days a year doing speaking engagements, as well as writing and consulting, you’re already spread thin.

Never one to whine, the only answer has always been to deal with it, whatever it is.

I just came off an intensive summer schedule. I produced several successful conferences and I was a featured presenter at the National Speakers Association convention in Philadelphia.

During all of these appearances and heavy schedule, I was in intense pain. In actuality, I needed knee surgery immediately back in June when the condition became acute overnight. Honor, commitments and professional reputation mean a lot to me.

So, I made a calculated decision to schedule the surgery for September 9 after I returned from a road trip. I had been taking wheelchair rides in airports and driving electric power scooters thorough the hotels.

Two days before the surgery, I received a registered letter from the Federal Trade Commission…

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