Vintage Ziegler Sales Manager Manual (Digital Copy)


In truth, the better sales managers are the coaches who send in the plays to the sales people who are on the front lines. It takes planning and organization as well as discipline to build this unified team.

This is where Jim Ziegler’s real world knowledge and experience is a necessity! Jim Ziegler, through the use of word tracts and real world examples will train your Sales Managers to take control of the selling process by emphasizing the importance of their position as it relates to the automobile dealership.

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The Sales Manager Forum seminar is a Total Management Experience taught personally by James A. Ziegler.

Your Sales Managers Will Learn:

How to hire Qualified Sales People and Keep Them
The Road to the Sale – Setting up your Selling System
The Primary Duties of a Sales Manager
How to Hire, Fire and Train your Sales Force
How to “Desk” the Deal
How to utilize Traditional, Trade Difference and the Four Square Negotiating Techniques
How to Measure the Sales Effort
How to hold a High Average Profitability
How to Control the Sales Force
How to properly Close the Customer
Word Tracts and Sales Presentations that Work
How to Deal with Litigation Issues