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Here’s What Our Friends and Clients Say About Jim and Debbie Ziegler and the Ziegler SuperSystem

I first met Jim "The Alpha Dawg" Ziegler in 2005 when he was producing and speaking at an event in Denver. I think Jim's was one of the first seminars that I had ever attended after entering into the auto industry, so, I had no expectations going in.

The conference and sales training that was presented was second to none. It was quality content and Jim's command of the room and the stage was amazing.

To date, over a dozen years, and many, many conferences and seminars later, I can say that the training and memories that I have from that first conference are some of the best in my career.

After that time I went out of my way to find a way to connect with Jim on social media. He is a smart, kind, and genuine person besides being so accomplished and good at training on sales, management and leadership.

I find it quite notable that as the auto industry evolves and morphs, technologies change as quickly as many of the people and companies - Jim has stayed current and innovative and evolves with the business. I have heard him speak as recently as last year (2017) and the Alpha Dawg and his education are as relevant now as when I attended my first conference.

Thank you Jim for everything you have done for the industry, and all I have learned from you personally over the years.

Mike Phillips

Digital Marketing Executive and Part Time Podcast Host , McCloskey Motors in Colorado Springs

I have admired Jim for many years and followed his articles in all the automotive magazines. Later, I had the blessing of attending a training for managers and another for F&I managers. It was then, that we started a beautiful friendship. Jim and Debbie are the most loving, caring and beautiful people that I know.

 After the trainings we concur for many years, due to his active social media presence. Since I was fully at Puerto Rico I only got to experience his speeches at NADA convention each year.

 Now in my darkest days, after hurricanes Maria and Irma, my company got destroyed, I had no running water, no electricity, no internet, no phone service, getting gas was an adventure and lots was destroyed around me.

 But Jim didn't forget about his Puerto Rican friend and his family. Knowing I had three little boys he tried to contact me and after many days thru my sister in law on the mainland, he got news from me. Immediately, he sends an email and FaceBook post to get me a job and a place to live. In less than five minutes I had fifteen job opportunities.

I took one of the jobs, a six-figure salary, a brand-new house, a premium package minivan, a private plane was on the way to pick me up, school for the boys, health insurance, and I am the Internet director for a dealer group in TN. My family and I will be in debt and forever grateful to Jim all of our lives. He showed us love and his friendship in the toughest moment of our lives. This is why Jim and Debbie are so special in my life, I love them so much. Thanks.

Ariel Velazquez

Internet Director

"I have attended three of Jim Ziegler's Internet Battle Plans. I find them extremely valuable, and at every one I see dealers learn what works and what doesn't in modern dealerships only from the best in the business. I recommend JIm's seminars to everyone! He and Debbie have great events for dealers."

-- Keith Shetterly,

owner of www.BullCutter.com

"Five years ago I was worn down and burnt out after an unsuccessful attempt in helping a friend open a used car lot and customization shop. I was trying to find anything out there to help re-motivate myself and get back the fire I had always had for the car business. I was lucky enough to stumble across Jims video “How to Work a Car Deal” on YouTube and watched it over and over and over until I was able to recite it to myself verbatim. Over the next year I scoured the internet to find as much of Jims content as I possibly could because something about the way he delivered his presentations just resonated with me. After finding as much free content as I could I decided it was time to finally get myself to one of Jims Internet Battle Plan conferences – I called the number I found on Jims website to get myself registered and to my surprise, Jims enthusiastic voice was the one on the other end!
I made my way to Tampa, Florida to attend the event, and was shocked by the way that Jim and Miss Debbie were so inviting and accommodating to not only myself but to EVERY SINGLE GUEST in attendance. The event was not only high energy and extremely rich in content; it was also first class across the board. Now, many years and multiple events later (including multiple IBP events and Jims one of a kind Samurai F&I seminar) Jim has become someone I consider a mentor, and more importantly a friend. With the guidance and knowledge I’ve learned from Jim, his events, and the people that also love him so much – I’m happier and more successful in the car business than I ever was before stumbling across that video 5 years ago. I often tell Jim in private and public, that he saved my career and I’m not sure I would have made it through my difficulties without his guidance and eagerness to share his knowledge. I will be forever grateful to Jim and Miss Debbie for as long as I’m kicking around this wonderful business.
Thank you Jim, you truly changed my life and trajectory of my career."

Patrick O’Brien

Internet Sales Director Eddys Everything, Wichita KS

A lot of times, when you go to automotive conventions, the person you see online is DIFFERENT from the person that you see Live. You are not like that; what you see is what you get.

I (and many others) can appreciate how genuine you are.

Personally, I have learned a lot from by:

-Attending your sales seminar
-Being in your FaceBook group
-Watching your videos
-Attending your sales conferences

There are a lot of “gurus” out there in the automotive space, but you are one of the few that I trust because you have lived it.

Appreciate all that you do!

Charles Cannon

New Car Sales Director BMW of West Houston

Here’s what I can tell you about The Alpha Dawg James A. Ziegler:
I’ve been following him for at least a few years now online as he shares his thoughts and wisdom of the automotive business with anyone who’s willing to learn. He has such a giving nature and has shown that time and time again.
I’ve never actually met Jim, but I know how he structures his day and how one of the smallest niceties that one could offer to do is part of his daily routine to wish those who are lucky enough to have one a happy birthday in the most genuine way possible.
I’d heard of him sending out birthday wishes, but let me tell you that I received a very long public acknowledgement when I turned 40 from Mr. Ziegler and I don’t even think he knew it was a “milestone” year.
It was totally unexpected. After all, he’s so well known in the industry and I’m just a guy from WV that follows his videos, webinars, and writings. But, that kindness made me feel very special and he wasn’t asked to do it or coerced in any way. It’s just what he does! He is a giant in the industry with a huge heart!
We’ve had a few messages over the years privately here and there, but when he’d found out from another source that the dealership that I worked at was going through some major issues and major restructuring, he took time out to personally check in on me and offer to help me if something should happen that I didn’t find myself there anymore. That’s just the kind of person he is, and I can tell you that reputation aside, he’s proven himself to me as a person of the highest moral caliber and has been a crusader for the automotive industry for decades.
There is going to come a day, hopefully soon, when I will have the chance to walk up to him at an event and introduce myself in person and shake his hand. The automotive industry needs more folks like Jim Ziegler and his wife Debbie. I can’t help but think that if more people in this business were to take up the standards that they and their organization have for themselves, that the industry would be respected like it once was a lifetime ago and people would have the confidence and trust in our professionals to be just that.
It starts one dealer at a time. My advice is to listen do and do everything this man says, because I’ve found no chink in the armor and my reviews have risen and my process is ironclad thanks in a very large part to the things that I’ve learned from The Alpha Dawg and Ziegler SuperSystems.
William J. McCormick

Sales & Leasing Professional/ Social Experience Manager, Bert Wolfe Toyota Charleston, WV

I was fortunate to work with Jim during my tenure as an editor at Digital Dealer Magazine. I came to know Jim for his integrity, passion for the car business, and his direct “tell it like he sees it” perspective. His approach was always from the viewpoint of the auto dealer, and when he saw controversial practices from the OEMs, he called them on it and drew attention to their questionable business practices. I also attended some of his sessions at the NADA Conventions and his Internet Battle Plans. These events shared actionable insights to improve sales, gross profits, and insure that customers left the dealership happy. Like many of my peers we are glad a person like Jim is part of our industry.

Mark Dubis

Owner- The Dubis Group Former Editor Digital Dealer Magazine Former Managing Editor of Dealer Magazine

The stories are endless about Jim and Debbie Ziegler! They came out to my personal residence in New Jersey and met my family and my wife, Carolyn's, family as well!

I have attended approximately 10 of Jim's seminars and everyone of them was delivered with inspiration, consistency, and absolute perfection!

Approximately 100 of my people were trained by Jim in Atlanta and up here in New Jersey! I and all my people use Jim's word tracks successfully to this day! There are no better ways to get referrals then "Who amongst your family and friends is next in line to purchase a vehicle! We have sold hundreds of cars with that incredibly successful line! Also, "You said your trade in was a SEVEN! ". The list of successful word tracks and motivational and inspirational quotes are life changers! Not only business changing, life-changing!

Thank you, Jim and Debbie! Your true friendship will never be forgotten!

Mike Daniels

Dealer principal Jack Daniels Dealerships Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

Jim Ziegler has helped more people be successful in the automobile business than anybody.
Our personnel have attended Jim and Debbie’s workshops/ seminars and learned more practical knowledge than any factory training could ever give.

Jim’s insight into the car business is always spot on to what is going on in the field, and is always on the cutting edge of the latest sales technology.

I always look forward to reading Jim’s dealer columns in the magazines, as he is the best unbiased critic of all the manufacturers !

If Jim and Debbie Ziegler cannot help you succeed in this business, you are probably in the wrong business!

Keith Millard

Mike Perry Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Nacogdoches,Texas

It was a very tough time for me, I quit my position to start my own company, an internet startup.
Well, I tried hard but failed and spent all my savings and borrowed all I could.

I tried but could not get
a good position in the town I lived in.

Well, one call to Jim and he gave me a name of a Dealer that needed my help. Not just a name, but also permission to use his name.

One call, a fly down and the job was mine, at a very low point in life, with a phone call Jim,
gave me a chance again in this wonderful business.

Dave Rikess

Internet Director Waconia Dodge Waconia, Minnesota

I have known Jim Ziegler for many years and find him to always be informed on anything auto. He is truly an advocate for dealers. I cannot ever recall Jim taking anything but the side of dealers. No matter what the issue from OEM programs to CFPB, Jim is a voice that presents a dealer's point of view. He is never afraid to criticize abuse in any form. Not having a hidden agenda like many pundits makes him different from the pack.

He is insightful in his suggestions to improve all facets of the dealership and Jim possesses great technology skills. Age means little in this arena, but experience is a difference maker. Jim has remained a leader in the Industry because he gets involved no matter the issue. His listening skills are also refreshing.

There are very few individuals in this industry that have been helping dealers over 4 decades, Jim is unique and anyone willing to listen will learn.

Stu Zalud

Regional Manager, JD Power The Power Dealer(PIN), Dealer of Excellence, Valuation Services 30870 Russell Ranch Road Westlake Village, CA 91362

I was just this guy with a young company and a great idea.

I reached out to see about speaking at Jim's Internet Battle Plan. He was open and not only open but encouraging. Whether my company succeeded or not, the concept was one that was important to dealers. We needed to make internet leads more friendly to consumers.

Jim not only helped with feedback on my presentation, he helped us get in front of dealers. We added value to those dealers and we paid it forward with some additional cocktail events at some of his Internet Battle Plans. It was all worth it.

Jim and Debbie have been great advisers, they have been great friends. We used to live in the same area and had lunch together...which was always fun. Now they have moved a little further south. I miss them now - they are not dead...I don't know if Jim will ever be dead 🙂 . I just miss the close connection which I really value.

Jim and Debbie are trusted friends for life. If anyone has the opportunity to just get one sentence of advice from Jim, jump on it...it will pay unbelievably.

Myril Shaw

COO First Approval Source

When I met Jim Ziegler the bigger-than-life persona was my first impression. When I sat next to him at a banquet, though, the I’ll-help-you-any-way-I-can person was front and center. Jim is generous with his ideas and genuinely wants each person he touches to succeed. Thanks, Jim, for your back-of-the-napkin ideas and your unwavering support

Linda Keith CPA

As a veteran car professional for many years; I can absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend Jim and Debbie and the Ziegler SuperSystem.
Jim’s training and techniques have taken me from and average car guy to delivering an average of 41 cars per month in a 100-car store.
When I went to F&I and followed Jim’s lead I lead my dept every month for years! To where I am now, General Manager.

Thanks Dawg & Debbie for everything.
Andespecially thanks for all the workbooks and videos you’ve published over the years!

Doug Hillyard

GM at Blaise Alexander Ford Mansfield, Pennsylvania

“Jim and Debbie put on one of the best educational conference series – The Internet Battle Plan – in the auto industry. As a multi- time speaker and sponsor, we’ve seen first hand the time and dedication they’ve put into giving back and paying it forward to future generations. They stay current on the latest digital advertising trends and have a tremendous passion for helping others grow and develop as industry professionals.”

Udo F. Misch and Keith Borkowski

Co-Founders, PUK Digital

I met Jim Ziegler in 2005 when he came to our Dealership to train on his Supersystem. It was the first I had ever experienced and I fell in love with his training, it gave me the ability to track and measure my effort and loaded my lips and soon lined my pockets too.

In 2007 I went to a Staffed Event and carried around his manual like a sales Bible. It helped me to stay on track and use the road to the sale to be efficient.

In 2011 I attended his Management course and Internet Battle Plan, which I highly recommend. But it all stems from the SuperSystem, “It’s not a way to sell cars, It’s the way.” -Ziegler . 

Jason Grace

Grace & Co Staffed Events

My first Jim Ziegler experience circa 1984:

I was his F&I representative for service contracts and insurances.

He was an F&I Manager at a Nissan Dealership in Decatur, Georgia.

My first reaction was... "These numbers can’t be real....audit....audit...audit..."

OMG! I think they may be low.

And that’s where the friendship and respect began!!!"

Kevin O'Brien

Ziegler Super Systems

3034 Wotring Way
The Villages, Florida

+1 352-775-2174


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