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Sales, Management and Marketing Training


Sales Conferences

Over 100,000 Dealers, Managers and Executives have attended his seminars

Certified Speaking Professional

Top 10 Speaker at 17 National Conventions

In-Person Training

Worked with over 15,000 Dealerships


Dealers Choice DIAMOND AWARD WINNER for Sales and Management Training

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View 350+ videos and counting of Virtual Training by the Alpha Dawg himself, any time, on any device!

What is So Exceptional About this Platform is Management Training, Sales Managers and F&I As Well As Dealer and GM Modules, and the complete F&I School – Twice. AND Great Sales Training … We’re adding NEW Content every few days.

  • F&I Training – Jim Ziegler’s complete Samurai F&I Class in front of a live audience
  • F&I Training – Jim Ziegler’s complete Executive F&I Bootcamp in front of a live audience of Dealership Executives
  • F&I Training – Numerous modules with Jim explaining menu-selling, word tracks, and dozens of closes
  • Sales Manager Training – Numerous Modules with Jim
  • Detailing Sales Manager Training, including desking. One
  • Price and Negotiation. Jim Ziegler is the master at desking deals
  • Sales Professional Training – Numerous Modules with Jim
  • Detailing “How to Sell a Car” What to say how to do it … numerous closes and word tracks that really work with real customers in the real world. Old School and New School!
    Vintage Sales Training – Jim in front of a Live Audience of 200 Managers, Dealers, and Sales Professionals. This is four hours long of Old School Word Tracks, Closes and How to work a Car Deal… great for sales and managers… includes a workbook.
    Dealer and General Manager Modules – Including “20 Things a General Manager Needs To Do Every Week” and “5 Things That Will Crush the Competition” and “20 Things I’d Do If I Bought your Dealership.”

You sir are a hell of man to look up to, and I mean that with the greatest intent. I now know you can’t just “win over” customers with fat smiles and flashy outfits, rather, you need gorillas, grills, and money machines to be successful.

Cale Anderson

Success is a conscious, top of mind thought process… a decision that YOU make.

Factory executives seek his advice on marketing trends and industry future forecasts. James A. Ziegler is a cut above; he is the author of the best-selling book “The Prosperity Equation, New Millennium Edition,” where he reveals his secrets of what it takes to be a success in the business world.

James Ziegler is often interviewed, featured in articles by him or about him, and quoted as an industry expert by Reuters, Automotive News, USA Today, Bloomberg News, Dow-Jones, Wards Dealer Business, F&I and Showroom magazine, Entrepreneur magazine and Success magazine, Newswire, Automotive Executive, RV Executive today, Auto Age, Auto Success, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, WSB television, BBC International Radio, Detroit News, and he’s even appeared on CNN.

How Can Jim and Ziegler SuperSystems Help You?

Nobody has hands-on experience rivaling Jim’s accomplishments in the retail auto industry. Since 1986, Ziegler has done business with more than 15,000 dealerships nationwide, and more than 100,000 Dealers, managers, and factory executives have attended Jim’s automobile dealer management seminars.

Traveling more than 200 days a year, the Alpha Dawg has physically worked in more than 1000 showrooms in no less than 200 cities in 49 states – all but Alaska.

Jim Ziegler’s future forecasting has accuracy in the 90% + category for predicting industry trends and events before they happen: the best record in the industry.

Alpha Dawg On Demand

Instant access to 350+ videos of Virtual Training by the Alpha Dawg himself. Covers Sales, BDC, Management, F&I, and more!

Prosperity Equation

Ziegler asks a simple question: “Why Aren’t YOU Rich?” This book is a road map to wealth & prosperity.

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