Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Jim Ziegler and Ziegler SuperSystems have helped thousands of dealerships – and people – just like you.

June 1, 2010

If you haven’t hired Jim Ziegler, you should. It’s that simple. As Director of Small to Mid-Size Business at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce I am charged with finding programs of such value that busy executives will carve out part of their day to attend. Being the oldest and one of the largest chambers in the USA, we strive to bring in only the best.

Glen Gould

Professional Speaker, Creator of Multiple Million $+ Businesses Author. Family + Entrepreneurship = Economic Freedom.

September 30, 2011

Jim is a tremendous individual with extremely high character, integrity and passion for the Automotive which is industry 2nd to none. Jim’s personality and mind set could not be better describe than the following “It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going.” He is one of the hardest working people in the Automotive industry. Jim is a person I want on my team. Thank you for being “The Dealer Defender!”

Chris Saraceno

Vice President & Partner, Kelly Automotive Group/Best Selling Author Of The TheoryOf5

December 6, 2012

Without a doubt, Jim is a top shelf trainer for both F&I and Sales Management. His seminars are engaging, full of real world, usable content, and the points get driven home quickly and easily when the students see him “walk the walk” on the showroom floor and at the desk. Worth every cent and expect a huge return on your investment when you have Jim in your store or if you send your people to his classes. If you want to improve the quality, professionalism and productivity of your management team, the Alpha Dawg is your best bet!

Jim Harris

President, Max Results Training LLC, pulse45 Fitness LLC, BodyPlex Oakwood

January 19, 2013

I attended Jim’s Internet Battle Plan! Awesome event. Jim assembled a perfect team of speakers to give recommendations, help sharpen our skills, and motivate to action. Jim himself is a powerful speaker with an extensive knowledge of the auto industry. I would certainly recommend any of his events to everyone in the auto industry.

Star Harris

Manager, Durrence Layne Chevrolet

January 22, 2013

Attended one of Jim’s workshops…AWESOME to say the least! He definitely knows the industry and has a pulse on what is happening in the world of car dealerships!

Wayne Weathersby, Jr.

Keller Williams Realty Productivity Coach - Multi-Million Dollar Producer #CoachingInWaynesWorld

July 26, 2016

What makes JZ so special? He is a true friend of the dealer, 100 percent committed to their success! Never one to shy away from “telling it like it is,” Jim always makes me see the good things in our industry, even when the going gets tough for dealerships!

Al Amersdorfer

President and CEO, Automotive Internet Technologies

June 1, 2018

I’ve known Jim for 6 years now, and he continues to be exceptional in his word and lead by example. He continues his growth through a thirst for knowledge that most Sahara Desert Camels may be envious of! What I like about Jim the most is his personable approach to wrapping his hands around a product or idea, and once he is truly convinced that a new best practice has emerged, he relentlessly and selflessly shares it with his network all looking up to him for the latest and greatest. Always a pleasure Jim, cheers~

Dan J. Weik

CEO, KwickConnect

July 20, 2019

As Jim says, there is NO “Old School” or “New School,” there is JUST SCHOOL. If you want to BE the BEST, you need to LEARN FROM THE BEST. I’ve learned SO much from Jim these past few years, but more importantly, we help EACH OTHER to Scale and Grow, which is what the Auto Industry is all about. Jim is a World-Class Human, Mentor and Friend. Spend your Time and Money to Learn from Him.

Michelle McLain

CEO, RetentionMasters

Good to see you at NADA… Great job on the seminars! (NADA Workshops Jim performed) … Udaman!! We had Jim speak to a group of 120 or so entrepreneurial CEOs a few years ago and the reviews were through the roof. I will testify to his effectiveness, positive impressions and motivational effect.

Tim Jackson

President and CEO, Colorado Automobile Dealers Association

Jim. Thanks or the great job with all of us in Dallas. Best ROI I have had in years!!

Keith Orr

President and CEO, Orr Automotive Group

You have one of my boys with you today, his name is Tank… he says you’re the CAR GOD!!! Wow, after only one day!

John Hartman

General Manager, Tamiami Hyundai

Great seminar today! Would love to work with you in the future. It was a pleasure hearing you speak.

Shaun Weissman

Business Development Manager, Rallye Automotive Group

Thanks for the class Jim. I got a lot out of it and will implement when I return. Don Palmer and Gary Huffman told me to tell you hello.

Bill Demaree

Vice President and Partner, Palmer Automotive

Jim, you are 63 and looking great but you are 21 in the social network, your knowledge and being able to stay ahead of the market for the last 30 years is an example that change to our market is easy if you embrace where the customers are going. I learned a year of knowledge in today’s 45 minute workshop, Great job!!

John Francek

COO, McGrath Automotive Group

Jim, have been to several seminars and have read your articles for years. I attended your seminar (NADA Workshop) and friend requested you during your talk. I agree with your comments, we need to get on board ASAP. We have fan pages set up for our four stores but we are still early in the process. Weseloh Nissan, Weseloh Honda, Weseloh Kia and Weseloh Chevrolet.

Tim Aldrich

General Manager, Weseloh & Sons Dealerships

Jim, great workshop! I am glad we got to meet in person.

Shelly Wagstaff

Director of Marketing, Kody Holdings, Waldorf Ford

Great stuff today, Jim. By far the most informative of all of the seminars I’ve attended concerning social media, including those outside of the NADA conference. It’s much easier to learn from someone like yourself who is clearly passionate about their work and eager to share their knowledge with others. Anyway, I’ve got it all down on paper and can’t wait to start implementing. We’re very excited to see what it can do for our store. I just wanted to say thank you.

Chad Hernandez

Business Development/Internet Manager, Beatrice Ford Lincoln Mercury

Jim, your classes I attended gave supreme information and was a strong force that enabled Jim Keras Chevrolet in Memphis to outsell ALL Chevy Dealers in our area in 2009! #1 Baby. Thanks for your help! Excited about our next trip. Good luck to you and KEEP ROCKIN!

Kris True

Sales Manager, Jim Keras Chevrolet

Really enjoyed your seminar today. You filled in a lot of gaps for me

Beth Grant

Thanks Jim, for the sharing of your knowledge with myself and the Ballweg managers! I’m excited and anxious to implement our new growth opportunities! See you again soon!

Mike Geurts

Sales Manager, Toyota of Wausau

Hi Jim, Mark from Minnesota here. Met you at Hilton Monday, Myself and two of our mangers enjoyed your session Friday. I’ll sending two more to the Digital Conference again this April. I’m also a faithful reader of your monthly articles in Dealer Magazine.

Mark Swelland

General Manager, New Prague Ford

Enjoyed your seminar on Social Media this afternoon. I have a lot of work to do. Thanks for all that you do.

Jim Bernstein

Managing Partner, Milton Ruben Chevrolet, Milton Ruben Chrysler Jeep, Milton Ruben Toyota

Great seminar Jim. Look forward to seeing my managers attend!

Terry Mertens

General Manager, Deery Brothers Dealerships

Jim, I just attended your NADA 1:30pm workshop… GREAT STUFF!!… As always!

Jim Kristoff

VP of Operations, Gerry Wood Auto Group

Words honestly can’t begin to describe how truly thankful I am for all the time you have dedicated to my college education at Northwood University. I’ve learned so much since I “met you” in class. You made me realize that maybe the automotive industry isn’t so black-and-white as it seems. You sir are a hell of man to look up to, and I mean that with the greatest intent. I now know you can’t just “win over” customers with fat smiles and flashy outfits, rather, you need gorillas, grills, and money machines to be successful. Your employees are not your friend. FOLLOW DEALER F&I COMPLIANCE.

Again, with the greatest intensions and my appreciation…thank you for everything.

Cale Anderson
January 24, 2011

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing several of Jim’s live seminars, and each and every time I leave with entirely new wealth of knowledge and time-relevant information. Last weeks Dealer Internet Battle Plan, of course, was no exception to the rule, it was simply amazing! Starting today our dealership will began to implement Jim’s social media suggestions and processes that will be instrumental in taking our business to its next level of success. Thank you Alpha Dawg!

Stephen Gabbara

General Manage, Szott Ford, Gadget Geek, Practically Semi-Pro Golfer: setting the bar for buying a car

June 13, 2011

What can I say about Jim Ziegler. He is a great guy and a personal friend! Jim is one of the most experienced automotive professionals and best desk guys I have ever worked with. His approach is very refreshing. Anyone with this much in dealer experience can teach all us something. If I opened a dealership Jim would be one of my first calls for success! If you want to improve your gross, hire Jim! Money well-spent.

Sean Stapleton

Co Founder and CEO, Dealer Teamwork LLC

November 13, 2011

I have known and admired Jim for many years and feel he is one of the most valuable assets in auto retailing today. I first met Jim when he was writing for Dealer Magazine and I was one of their editors. I could tell from his writing that he cared deeply for auto dealers and truly was their advocate. After I left Dealer Magazine, Jim and I kept in touch and I greatly value his counsel and perspective on the issues of the day.

Mark Dubis

President, Dealers Marketing Network

July 6, 2012

Attention and mastery of the automotive industry down to single settle nuances most never glean from observation, is his method and understanding of the art of true salesmanship, internal operations, and people (the human condition). Success and leadership can be duplicated if your heart is in the right place. Thanks for the road map Jim!

Eric Plock

US Automotive Resources, Inc.

January 22, 2013

They don’t come any better than Jim, he is the reason for the success that I have experienced in my career. Jim is a gift that keeps on giving!!!!

Michael A. Frisicaro
April 1, 2013

Jim is the best… PERIOD !!! Bottom line… he gets results… and no one works harder or knows more about what is going on in Automotive Retail than Jim…. When our clients need the best… we give them the best… Thanks Jim… you make referring our clients to you easy…

Kenneth Rosenfield

Managing Member, Rosenfield and Company PLLC

July 14, 2014

There is no one better at identifying trends, seizing opportunities, and assisting automotive dealers in growing their business. Jim is the ‘go to’ guy for strategic planning. customer service, and leadership skills for the auto industry. His knowledge can be applied to any other business that distributes or sells products of any kind.

James D. Feldman

CSP, CITE, CPIM, CPT - Helping Fortune 1000 Companies Retain Employees, Win New Customers, & Produce Innovative Money-Making Solutions

October 6, 2015

Jim Ziegler is a professional know it all about the automotive industry. Lots of experience both retail and wholesale.A great trainer and idea man.

Bob Maguire

Civilian Aide to the SOA (CASA) New Jersey at United States Army/Secretary of the Army

April 12, 2018

4 years ago I reached a crossroad very much like Jim did. I found a video of his on YouTube and it lead me to become a car salesman. Since then I am now a sales Manager in Ottawa’s largest import dealership and while he doesn’t know me personally, I will always tell everyone that will listen how I found my road. Thank you Jim. I wish one day to attend a seminar in the US and thank you in person.

AJ Ibrahim

Sales Manager, Ottawa’s #1 Volume Import Store

They broke the mold with my man Jim Ziegler, the one and only Alpha Dawg… he is honest, direct, and to the point. But most importantly, he lives everything he espouses, because he is the genuine article. I’ve watched him in action, quoted his material (ALWAYS WITH CREDIT DUE!!) endlessly, and consider him a pioneer, friend, and the most accurate futurist the automotive industry has ever known. Proud to call him a mentor… thank you for influencing me to think bigger and better in my life.

Sandy P. Cerami

Speaking Professional and Consultant, Fixed Operations Consultant and Performance Group Moderator with extensive background across all retail automotive departments

Thank You Jim Z. This is your training in action.

Bill Wolf

General Manager, Headquarter Hyundai

Enjoyed your workshop at the NADA Convention this past weekend, It just proves how we need to change with the times. I came back to the dealership and implemented Facebook and other social networks. Thanks again, looking forward to seeing you next year in San Francisco at the NADA Convention.

Andy Shull

You were awesome. I was blown away by your giving spirit, your openness, your brilliance and vision of what you do and how you do it. I was most impressed by the absolute love that you had for your wife, your clients and your NSA family (us). You knew that fat heads have small hearts but Da Man has a huge heart and the focus to be prosperous, wealthy and give the information so that others can do the same.

I seen lots of speakers – but your combination of vulnerability (sharing with love), big determination and big focus, loving both the money and the clients, the services, the expansion of opportunity was brilliant.

Pegine Echevarria

Director of Programs, North Florida Chapter, National Speakers Association

Good presentation today. (NADA) I like to consider our dealership on the cutting edge. You have given me a couple new ideas. When this weekend circus is over, let me know when you will be up in Minnesota.

Travis Mitchell

Internet Manager, Elk River Ford

I sat in a workshop with you in Orlando, and I am now a fan of you and your work. I appreciate the insight and energy that you have given me to come back to the dealership and try some new stuff. We have already bought a Flip camera and are currently working on some video bios, testimonials, and other fun stuff to upload to our YouTube channel and send to FB and Twitter. We have been reasonably successful so far with FB, but we are still infants with Twitter. If you haven’t already, would you be kind enough to become a fan of Willett Honda South on FB? I would like for you to check out some of our posts and see if you like what we’re doing. Thanks in advance… JK

Jamie King

Parts and Service Director, Willett Honda

Thanks again for the lesson yesterday!! Now it’s “Showtime”!!

Jason Piette

Sales Business Manager, Toyota of Wausau

Thanks for the great workshop. It has really validated all of the work that we have put into maximizing our exposure on social networking sites as well as giving us some great new ideas about what to do next. I’m sure this workshop alone paid for our trip.

Jamie King

Parts and Service Director, Willett Honda

You are by far the best trainer/motivator I have had in 34 years in the automotive industry!

Roger Petit

Retail Operations Development Manager, AutoNation – Tennessee Virginia Market

I really enjoyed your seminar on Sunday at the NADA Convention. The main reason the owner had me come down was to learn as much as I could about utilizing the social media sites to our advantage and I got a lot out of it!!! I was the one who asked you to check out the Don Davis Honda Facebook page. Hoping to attend some of your classes down the road. Keep up the good work!

Kyle Ackerman

Sales Manager, Don Davis Honda

Great seminar at NADA — had the pleasure of meeting you and your wife on the convention floor. Keep rockin’ and rollin’. P.S. — you have my card, send some Honda buyers in.

Jason Heard

GSM, Jay Wolf Honda