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Been there, done that, and has the best credentials in the industry. Jim Ziegler, CSP, HSG, OG is the Alpha Dawg.

In this breakthrough book Ziegler brings you four decades record-setting management presented in a format that will increase your car dealership’s profitability and sales volume to the ultimate level.

Ziegler is known for original, innovative word tracks, things to say to salespersons and customers, closing sales, customer interviews, word tracks, and negotiation techniques. It’s all here. In truth, the better sales managers are the coaches who send in the plays to the sales professionals who are on the front lines. It takes training, planning, and organization as well as discipline to build a high-performance unified team.

This is where Jim Ziegler’s real-world knowledge and experience is a necessity! Jim Ziegler, through the use of word tracks and real-world examples, will transform the reader into a high-performance, motivated Automotive Sales Manager. Learn ways to take control of the selling process, emphasizing the importance of this position as it relates to the automobile dealership.

The car business is undergoing a dramatic paradigm shift. It will never be the way it was again. Throughout the pandemic, parts and material disruptions, and labor strikes; Suddenly management processes are important again. Dealers, chances are that your People are Under-Trained, or Not Trained at All. Most managers learned their job by watching someone who was fired. Truthfully, many experienced managers have forgotten how to sell cars, manage the team, and structure deals as the business once again becomes more competitive and inventory is more readily available. It takes planning and organization as well as discipline to build this unified team.

Jim says, “Being a manager is a title of respect and accountability. I’ve my dedicated my career as a coach and a trainer, teaching managers how to be managers, supervisors, and leaders.”

THE SALES MANAGERS’ FORUM, Customer-friendly, ethical, high-profitability, and high-volume ,Jim Ziegler, ‘The Alpha Dawg’, is the best in the world with a documented history as a record-setting manager, sales professional and ‘Super Performer’. This book is a valuable blueprint for success for any Sales Manager, GSM, Dealer, or Finance Manager in retail automotive.

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