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Jim Ziegler’s books published on Amazon for personal training, career development, and self-improvement. His latest book for Professional Speakers is out now.

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Buy This Book Directly From Amazon
In Paperback – Kindle – or E-Book
Been there, done that, and has the best credentials in the industry. Jim Ziegler, CSP, HSG, OG is the Alpha Dawg.

In this breakthrough book Ziegler brings you four decades record-setting management presented in a format that will increase your car dealership’s profitability and sales volume to the ultimate level.

Ziegler is known for original, innovative word tracks, things to say to salespersons and customers, closing sales, customer interviews, word tracks, and negotiation techniques. It’s all here. In truth, the better sales managers are the coaches who send in the plays to the sales professionals who are on the front lines. It takes training, planning, and organization as well as discipline to build a high-performance unified team.

This is where Jim Ziegler’s real-world knowledge and experience is a necessity! Jim Ziegler, through the use of word tracks and real-world examples, will transform the reader into a high-performance, motivated Automotive Sales Manager. Learn ways to take control of the selling process, emphasizing the importance of this position as it relates to the automobile dealership.

The car business is undergoing a dramatic paradigm shift. It will never be the way it was again. Throughout the pandemic, parts and material disruptions, and labor strikes; Suddenly management processes are important again. Dealers, chances are that your People are Under-Trained, or Not Trained at All. Most managers learned their job by watching someone who was fired. Truthfully, many experienced managers have forgotten how to sell cars, manage the team, and structure deals as the business once again becomes more competitive and inventory is more readily available. It takes planning and organization as well as discipline to build this unified team.

Jim says, “Being a manager is a title of respect and accountability. I’ve my dedicated my career as a coach and a trainer, teaching managers how to be managers, supervisors, and leaders.”

THE SALES MANAGERS’ FORUM, Customer-friendly, ethical, high-profitability, and high-volume ,Jim Ziegler, ‘The Alpha Dawg’, is the best in the world with a documented history as a record-setting manager, sales professional and ‘Super Performer’. This book is a valuable blueprint for success for any Sales Manager, GSM, Dealer, or Finance Manager in retail automotive.


Buy This Book Directly From Amazon
In Paperback – Kindle – or E-Book

James A. Ziegler, CSP, HSG, OG, is a dynamic and flamboyant professional speaker, seminar producer, author, magazine columnist and conference organizer. Jim Ziegler is not what you would ordinarily think of as a speaking professional. Truthfully, he’s a super-performer.

Whether you are just beginning your career or you’re already an experienced professional, this book will take your career to new levels as you become a seven-digit ‘Expert That Speaks’ enjoying multiple streams of income, beginning with the question on the book cover, “How Come You Aren’t You Rich Yet?”

As Jim takes you on the journey to becoming a high-dollar professional, he’ll be the first to tell you it’s not all keynotes, glamor and standing ovations. With over thirty-five years of experience in the speaking industry, Jim has achieved remarkable success through keynote speeches, seminars, conferences, writing for national publications, and virtual presentations.

Now, Jim presents his inaugural no-nonsense book, offering clear guidance on becoming a seven-digit public speaking expert. He provides detailed, specific examples of how he earned millions as a professional speaker. This book is not a 30,000-foot generalized overview but a comprehensive guide that unlocks high-dollar secrets, from mastering on-stage performance to organizing and producing seminars and conferences.

Beginning with basics of stagecraft, how to speak to an audience, Jim transitions into how to get booked and paid as a professional speaker.


Keynote speeches are the glamorous and exciting part of the profession, but that’s an elusive dream only few achieve. There are few ‘Celebrity Speakers’ earning millions performing keynotes, but there many more profit opportunities for ‘Experts that Speak’. In this book Jim outlines multi-dimensional profit centers and layers of income coming in from many directions as an expert that speaks.

This book takes a deeper dive into how to produce seminars and conferences that usually pay much higher multiples than an occasional keynote speech. We’ll discuss how to market and select venues as well as how to get paid sponsors for your seminars, conferences, virtual podcasts and social media broadcasts.

Jim explains how he is paid as a national magazine’s featured columnist which only adds to a speaker’s credibility and generates more paid appearances.

There’s chapters on how to negotiate with the hotels and set up the events.

There are many books on the subject, some are written by authors that haven’t actually experienced what they’re writing about, or their book is a set up to sell you something else.

After you’ve read just a couple of pages, you’ll know Jim Ziegler is genuine and you’re holding the combination to the vault.


The Prosperity Equation, New Millennium Edition. Advantage Press.
Written & Revised in 2001. Ziegler’s Roadmap to Wealth and Prosperity!

James A. Ziegler, CSP, HSG, OG, The Alpha Dawg, is a dynamic and flamboyant professional speaker, seminar producer, author, magazine columnist, and conference organizer.

Jim first wrote ‘The Prosperity Equation’ published by Peach State Press in 1996. After a successful run, Jim rewrote the book in 2000 updating his journey through life and references to developing technology references. This edition published by Advantage Press in 2001, Titled: ‘The Prosperity Equation, New Millennium, It’s Your Life, It’s Your Move’.

Although You’ll find the technology references to be outdated and standard practice, mostly obsolete in today’s world, they were cutting edge when Jim wrote the book in 2001.

Even though you’ll smile at how much has changed, there is a very good possibility this book may change your life as Ziegler reveals “The Timeless Four Pillars of Prosperity”. You’ll find yourself mesmerized page after page as he reveals the philosophies that made him a millionaire.

In the years since, Jim has coached numerous students to transform their lives to wealth and prosperity. Originally ‘The Prosperity Equation’ sold 1000s of copies at $35.00, we’re offering this as a PDF Download for $25.00. As Jim says … “It’s your life, it’s your move!”

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