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A Personal Message From Jim Ziegler

There’s a lot happening in the retail automotive world and car sales are great as pent up demand, great new products and low interest rates converge to create the perfect storm. Is your dealership operating at the best possible level?

At Ziegler SuperSystems, Inc. we’re on track for a record year and I am grateful to the dealers and associations that have made it possible. When we downsized the company in 2008 although the future was uncertain, through re-invention of our business model we were able to rebuild back to record profitability.

Personally, I am still traveling and working hands-on in dealerships every week of my life, and I am in contact with thousands of dealers, managers and industry executives. I’ve always prided myself as being the only nationally recognized dealership trainer and consultant that actually still works deals, does F&I with real customers, and works in the internet/BDC departments. Our processes are totally modern and highly profitable.
Our Internet Battle Plan Conferences are getting rave reviews for the Dealers and Managers that have attended AND we’re bringing it to the Northeast United States in November. That’s right we’re coming to Atlantic City, Revel Resort Hotel and Casino November 8th-9th.

Rarely does this type of conference come to the Northeast. Usually they are in Las Vegas or some point far south. As always, Dealer principals may attend any Ziegler Seminar event, including Internet Battle Plan at No Charge, regardless of whether you bring paid attendees with you or not. With 16 top experts speaking, we’ll show you the way to dramatically increase your Internet BDC sales and profits immediately.

We’re getting incredible results for dealers and managers that attend our seminars. My Sales Manager Seminar and the F&I Mastermind Seminar get results you can measure immediately in profits and unit sales increases, substantial increases.
I teach managers how to be a manager; ‘desking a deal’ is only one of the skills required in today’s environment.

The F&I Seminars are getting incredible profit and penetration increases regardless of the attendee’s level of experience. The good get even better; the new ones learn more than other schools in a short amount of time away from the dealership. The Sales Manager Seminar and The F&I Mastermind Seminars are coming up in Atlanta in November. Airfare is extremely reasonable from virtually anywhere.

If you would like me to come personally to your dealership for onsite training and consulting, that’s what I do best. My fee is $7500.00 a day plus first-class travel and expenses (Ziegler don’t fly in the back of no airplanes). Usually two to three days each quarter will put your dealership into record sales and profits. Check out the track record and speak to my references. There is no contract other than a handshake.

Are you totally satisfied with your sales and profits? Call me any time; I am very accessible if you’d like to discuss what I can do for you (800) 726-0510.

Make a decision and take action right now while you’re thinking about it. If you’ve procrastinated in the past, now is the time to do it. Go to the websites or call me.

Jim Ziegler

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