April 16, 2015 The Alpha Dawg

GM’s Shop-Click-Drive Jumps the Curb

General Motors says its Shop, Click and Drive initiative is designed to let consumers get online information on vehicles, pricing, incentives, finance and insurance products and trade-in value. Shoppers can pick a vehicle, apply for financing, then get their car.

Despite the fact GM is building what I consider to be some of the best products in the industry, it has lost the ball in the sun with this retailing project.

Like all manufacturers, it needs to get out of retail. They’re all bad at it. Interfering with dealers has repeatedly led to disastrous results.

First, requiring all participating GM dealers to have the same cookie-cutter website vendor is totally asinine.

Dealer websites cannot be competitive nor convert consumers effectively if all of them are built, maintained and, supposedly, optimized by the same company.

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