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The Return Of

The Sales Manager's Super Conference

September 21st and 22nd, Atlanta, Georgia … Jim Ziegler, The Alpha Dawg, is bringing this spectacular event back to Atlanta.

CLICK HERE to Watch The Video …

  • Taught by James A. Ziegler, CSP, HSG, OG, The Alpha Dawg
  • How to Work a Deal … High Profitability … Ethical and Legally Compliant
  • Hundreds of Ziegler Closes and Custom Word Tracks
  • Techniques for Hiring … Firing … Training … Promoting
  • Building a Quality Sales Team
  • Coaching and Customer Introduction (T.O.s)
  • How to Negotiate a Deal
  • The Art of Inventory Display
  • More than 100,000 Have Attended This Event
  • Jim Ziegler Trained Some of The Most Successful Executives, Managers & Dealers in the Car Business
  • It doesn’t Matter What Sales Systems or Processes That You Use; Whether It’s One Price … or Digital Retail Tools … or A-to-Z Format, This event will greatly improve the numbers.
  • Every Attendee Receives a 100 Page Textbook
  • Jim Ziegler, the most Qualified Trainer and Speaker in the Car Business …
  • And Much, Much More…

Who’s training your people now? Do you feel there’s another level that they are not achieving? Check out what others are saying about Jim Ziegler …

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