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Hello Friends and Fellow Speakers. It is with great sadness that I am leaving the National Speakers Association because of what I perceive as treacherous behavior by the current leadership, closed door decisions that should have been voted on by the membership, discussed and debated.

This is the First NSA Convention I’ve Missed since 1996 or earlier, not sure.

I earned the formerly prestigious Certified Speaking Professional Designation in 2001 only to see the requirements gradually eroded to make it easier, although, still difficult to attain.

For years I was in Charge of my local chapter of National Speakers Association Mentor program and I was responsible for helping dozens of professionals launch their careers. I raised a lot of money for my chapter and bore the total expense of the program myself. Never took a nickle of reimbursement. Some of the graduates of my Mentor Programs became the leaders of the organization including several CPAEs. Countless aspiring professionals have called on me for help and I never turned them down… not ever. Even though I have never been a member of ‘Toastmasters’ , they gave me their highest national award for service to helping others in our profession in 2005.

I gave the NSA Charitable Foundation $5000 a year donation for nearly 10 consecutive years. Only to feel I was betrayed in the end. As a matter of fact, I feel I was lied to.

I have presented at personal expense for many of the Chapters around the country, donating time and resources. Also spoke at 6 or 7 National Conventions and winter workshops. Always a team player and always promoting the organization.

I talked dozens of people into joining and supporting NSA, although I never asked for credit for doing that.

Maybe I was too flamboyant, or outspoken, or rubbed some of the leadership the wrong way. I never was allowed to speak on the main stage of the Convention even though I have always been among the top earners in the organization. Maybe it was just a disdain for Car Professionals that kept me out of the main spotlight.

Other than CSP, which is an “Earned Award” I was never ever recognized by the National Organization.

NOW, without discussion, or debate, in secrecy, they changed the name and purpose of the organization…. and rendered all of our hard work and achievement worthless. PLATFORM is the new name and I am predicting there will be a New Organization for Speaking Professionals Springing Up and the old shell will collapse unless the membership rises up and yells “HELL NO”… and takes our organization back from the insiders.

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