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Did You Bump Your Head?

Did You Bump Your Head?

We’re all in this game together, and regardless of which team you’re playing on, never lose sight of the fact that it’s just the game, and in the end, we’re all still friends.

In the South where I was raised, there are two veiled insults reserved for someone who has done something you consider to be stupid or someone who says or does something that defies our perception of logic or common sense.

Of course, one of those uniquely Southern put-downs is when a person is commenting on something another person has done and in a righteous, condescending tone of voice says, “Bless Your Heart.” While it sounds harmless, everyone in these parts knows you are insinuating whoever you’re talking about isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. And, of course, the other one is, when a person says something that you consider to be insane or ‘moronic,’ and you look at them and solemnly ask, “Did You Bump Your Head?”

Through the years, my opinions have always been controversial and have always stirred a lot of conversation and debate. I have a habit of saying exactly what is on my mind with little regard to who chooses to take offense or disagree. I expect people to disagree as long as we all keep it civil. Maybe that’s why many of my friends consider me to be a senior statesman in our business.

A Resurgence of the ‘One-Touch Sales’ Philosophy Most recently, there has been a resurgence of the One-Touch Sales philosophy. Now, I don’t know if the words One Touch are somebody’s brand name or just a description of a process. It’s been around a long time regardless.

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