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Don’t Fear the Money

The worst day of every F&I professional’s life reoccurs every couple of months. I am talking about the day your dealer and general manager return from their latest 20 Group meeting.

Sporting new golf tans and deep frowns, they come storming into the showroom Monday morning and go directly to the dealer’s office. You know what’s coming next. They’ve been locked in a room with 19 other dealers for two days comparing numbers. And well, your dealership was on the right side or the bottom of the sheet in every profit category. Your numbers were all rate profit and your product penetrations were below group average, which means your per-copy average sucked as well.

After four or five hours of number-crunching, everyone hit the golf course and your bosses took 18 holes’ worth of jokes and jabs from the 20 Group moderator and all the dealers on the left side of the ledger. By the time they boarded their flight home, your bosses were steaming. And you can bet your name and the sales manager’s came up.

You have two options: You can grab a cardboard box out of the parts department, pack up and head down to Best Buy to fill out a job application, or you can organize a preemptive defensive maneuver before the next meeting. Let’s assume you choose the latter.

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