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Every Day I’m Shufflin’

If I were asked to describe the soundtrack playing in the background of my life, it would have to be “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. You might recognize it from Kia’s “Hamsters” commercials a couple years back, or the oft-repeated chorus: “Party rock is in the house tonight/Everybody just have a good time.”

The Kia spots sold a lot of cars and the original music video is fast approaching 750 million hits on YouTube. Some people love the music. Some people love the video. Some people might even love the hamsters. Anything is possible. I love the part of the song when the music stops and the singer says, “Every day I’m shufflin’.”

Well, I have adopted that as my personal theme. I used to say I spent every day hustling. “Shufflin’” is more high-energy, more focused and even more intense.

In the last three months I have traveled and performed more than I ever have in the 28 years since I left retail to become a trainer. The list includes 10 cities, two dealerships, two Ford Direct regional meetings, two 20 Groups and a CRM convention. I just returned from two days onstage at Industry Summit in Las Vegas, and a trip to Boston and two trips to Florida are soon to follow.

The end of 2014 and first few months of the new year will bring more conferences, more dealer association meetings and, of course, I will continue to write three columns a month for the industry’s premier national magazines. Every day in between, I am in my home office, every day, I’m making 100 sales calls, every day, I’m shufflin’. Do you get it now?

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