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Fake Data Yields Fake Results

Is it possible that Vendors give Car Dealers Fake Data disguised as proof that their products and services contribute to increased sales and profits?

In recent years we’ve heard many politicians calling out “Fake News” to the point that almost every debate and speech has people working in the background calling themselves “Fact-Checkers.” Just a few decades ago, there was never a need for ‘fact checking’ because most people sort of trusted the people delivering the information to have some level of integrity.

…AND, so it is with the car business. We are deep into the era of data-based sales and marketing, and, without exception, every vendor and manufacturer comes to us armed with volumes of alleged data to validate their every claim. Their data is proof of their value as your partner.

Call me a skeptic. Have you ever had a vendor present their data to your dealership that unequivocally proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that their company is responsible for the majority of your business?

They have ‘Attribution Statistics,’ tracking pixels, and other data beyond the comprehension of most mortals that proves your customers would never have found you without them. The only problem with that is there is another vendor with databased proof that it was their company that generated the majority of your sales.

Personally, statistics and analytics give me a headache. Sitting through a data-based presentation? I’d rather have a root canal with no anesthetic. When someone tells me that they are “analytical,” I always have to stop and remember what the first four letters of the word “analytical” are.

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