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IBP 23 – Teach at the Beach III – a Winter Conference, Feb 12th-13th 2018

Jim and Debbie Ziegler are proud to announce we’re bringing it back to the Beach in February… February 12th-13th at the Marriott Suites, Sand Key, in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

It was a painful revelation for the Dawg when I realized almost every conference was putting the same speakers on stage over and over again. NOT, that these people aren’t talented and they do have a lot to offer, they’re friends of mine, BUT, how many times do you want to watch the same ole movie over and over again. Some of these conferences are starting to look like the movie “Groundhog Day”. It’s a great movie, but we’ve seen it.

SO, Debbie and the Dawg are putting some really new exciting people into the Mix that you haven’t seen at other conferences, or at least they’re NOT over-exposed.

Internet Battle Plan XXIII (23) is going to be spectacular with a lot of great technology sales and marketing session, internet, website conversion… and the new king of Facebook Ads teaching how to fill the sales funnel until that sucker overflows with qualified buyers. We’ve got phone skills experts, video sales and marketing experts on stage and at the back of the room. The Dawg and some of his friends will absolutely be back with new material you’ve never heard before BUT there are a lot of new fresh faces, concepts, processes and ideas you will be amazed.

One session at a time, all in the same big room. Every attendee will see and hear every speaker and get all of the information. You don’t have to choose which session you want to attend and miss another one that was probably better. Did you ever go to a conference that had 20 sessions happening at the same time and you were made the worst possible choice wishing you were in one of the other rooms?

1000’s of people have attended Internet Battle Plan events for $995 and even $1500 a ticket. We want to over flow the room, so here’s the deal Tickets will be $595 per person to attend and Dealer Principals and General Managers attend FREE.

On the first night, February 12th, we’re having an out door cocktail reception (Weather permitting, this is Florida, not Minnesota) with food and bar, and entertainment by The Dawg’s favorite Central Florida local band, “The Band 4Play” Not just music, but these guys will bring fun and energy to the party..

New exciting speakers with new high content and profitable ideas, High energy and great venue. (We have a special rate at the hotel) Live Band Cocktail Reception with The Dawg’s favorite band, you’ll get to hear all the speakers and the price is greatly reduced to make it more affordable for your company to pay.


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