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Indestructible, Invincible and Bulletproof

M-iS-13260607L-FII’ve been kicking around on this planet for more than 66 years now. I’ve taken every challenge and dare head-on. Nobody has ever thrown down a gauntlet I didn’t pick up. I’ve lived my entire life with the theme from “Rocky” playing in the background. You might say I am the ultimate competitor, the last gladiator.

That’s not to say I’ve always won. I haven’t. But regardless of the challenge, the idea that I might lose has never occurred to me going in. Call it focus, conviction or self-confidence; winning has always been the result of preparation, work ethic and an intense desire to achieve. There’s nothing I can’t do, and winning is automatic.

If you’ve read my recent articles, you know I am having total knee replacement surgery on Sept. 9…

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