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The Dawg Sort of Promised to Debbie Ziegler that He Wasn’t Ever Going to Do This Again…. BUT, there is a really HUGE NEED to get this information recorded on Video to Share With Dealers and Managers for Years into the Future.

SO! JUST THIS ONE LAST TIME… Ziegler will perform his famous unequaled


December 12th, Tampa, Florida at IPD Headquarters, 3104 Cherry Palm Dr Suite 230, Tampa, FL 33619DEALERS AND MANAGERS WILL LEARN
How to Hire,Motivate and Keep Qualified Sales People
Consistent Sales Processes
Setting up your Selling System
The Primary Duties of a Sales Manager
How to Hire, Fire, Train and Promote
DESKING A DEAL: How to “Desk” the Deal
How to Present the Figures
How to use and measure your CRM
How to Setup and Inspirational and Educational Meetings
Integrating internet, social media, video, and technology
High-profit customer-friendly negotiation techniques
How to Measure the Sales Effort
Sales Contests That Really Work
How to hold a High Average Profitability
How to take a T.O (Customer Introduction Turnover)

PLUS Dozens of Highly Effective Closes that Work
Highly Effective Desking using customer-friendly persuasion and finesse word tracts and processes

Compliance: How to Avoid Litigation Issues

For Dealers and Managers: Of all the positions in the front-end operation of the modern retail automobile dealership, the sales manager’s roll is the most crucial to the success of failure of the dealership.

Here’s the Link to Sign Up Here CLICK HERE:

Without the sale of an automobile nothing else would happen. There would not be any cars to finance or repair. There would not be any customers to follow-up or any paperwork to process. Every job in the dealership, including the dealer, depends on the ability of the sales manager and the efforts of his/her department.

More than ever, the sales manager in a retail automobile dealership has to be a highly trained professional with the ability to control and supervise the entire sales effort. The person in this position must be intelligent and able to think quickly on their feet; a course filled with word tracts, highly effective closes, and things to say to the customer.

In truth, the better sales managers are the coaches who send in the plays to the sales people who are on the front lines. It takes planning and organization as well as discipline to build this unified team.

The Best Sales Manager Training there is … ever was…. and ever will be

Jim Ziegler’s real-world knowledge and experience is the reason this course is superior! The word tracts and real-world examples will teach your Sales Managers how to take control of the selling process and raise profitability.

Here’s the Link to Sign Up Here CLICK HERE

The reason this class is so reasonably priced is because we’re videoing the entire seminar for resale on The Auto Dealer University Platform. Attendees may advertently or inadvertently appear on the video. 1000s of people have paid $1500 to attend this course.


$795 a student

One-Day December 12th

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Breaks and Lunch Provided

Each Attendee receives a workbook

Numerous Reasonable Hotels in the area Just an Uber Away

Taught Personally by James A. Ziegler, The Alpha Dawg

Here’s the Link to Sign Up Here CLICK HERE!

December 12th, Tampa, Florida at IPD Headquarters, 3104 Cherry Palm Dr Suite 230, Tampa, FL 33619

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