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Let’s Rewrite This Movie’s Script

In the movie “Jaws,” it was Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfus running around warning the citizens that the shark was still out there. Unfortunately, the town mayor dismissed them as alarmists and kept the beaches open until more of his tourists became shark food.

Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton tried desperately to evacuate the town in “Dante’s Peak,” but Brosnan’s boss (ironically named Dreyfus) overruled him. Then the volcano erupted. Oh well.

In “Volcano,” Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche couldn’t convince the city fathers that a volcano was forming in the sewers under Los Angles until they were ankle deep in lava flowing in the streets.

William Holden and Jacqueline Bisset didn’t have any luck convincing the Hotel owners the entire island was going to blow up. Guess what happened in “When Time Ran Out”?

The titles, characters and the settings are different but the storylines follow the same pattern. I can relate to it all.

Through the years, I’ve gotten the reputation for being the car-guy Paul Revere riding through the streets screaming about impending disasters in the industry. Usually my stuff goes against the grain of what everyone else is saying. I’m often ridiculed and scoffed at. I’ve been called a crackpot. Why am I still here, you may ask? Because history has vindicated me so many times.

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