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Robbery in Progress. Somebody Call the Police!

Ziegler blames the ongoing theft of your customers’ personal, private information by nefarious marketers in part on factory co-op programs, which limit dealer choice and vendor competition.

Let me begin by pointing out the fact that I was writing and speaking about the corruption in the factory executive ranks long before it came to light. Let me also point out that literally no one else was piping up about it, and I was attacked for doing so. But, as it has many times in the past, history bore me out as new information came to light. I was totally vindicated and the accuracy of what I wrote was verified.

I begin with that because it is most certainly going to happen again. This time, it’s an “Emperor’s New Clothes” type of situation: Everybody can see the dude, and we all know he isn’t wearing a stitch, but nobody’s got the balls to say it.

I am talking about the manufacturers’ co-op marketing programs and their relationships with the companies that administer them.

When Factories Don’t Co-operate

At best, this is a story about weak management, manufacturer executive incompetence at the highest levels, and incredibly stupid decisions. Factories are pounding dealers with an iron fist to control which vendors they use and cover the associated costs. I might be wrong. But I seriously doubt it.

Read the whole article here on AutoDealerMonthly.

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