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Attention Dealers and General Managers

Jim Ziegler’s Samurai F&I Seminar for Automotive Professionals

At Ziegler SuperSystems, we feel that most Finance Managers and Sales Managers are woefully undertrained

No fault of their own, it’s time to invest in training for the most profitable department in your dealership. During the Pandemic, and following inventory shortages, when sales became automatic and high grosses were automatic, ‘Take it or Leave it’. It’s fair to say that, maybe we ‘ve lost our edge.

Most of the large Public Companies, with huge training budgets, are benchmarking their F&I Departments at $2400 per retailed unit. That’s NOT one or two top producers in the department, but rather every employee.

Jim Ziegler, the Alpha Dawg, is the master of this trade, the greatest and most qualified F&I trainer of all time, teaching literally 100s of custom word tracks and high-powered custom closes. This course is Legally Compliant, customer-friendly, and menu-driven.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned F&I professional,
or a salesman who handles the entire deal A-to-Z

This Course Will Greatly Improve Your Numbers

The Best Finance and Insurance Sales Seminar in the World

This course is High-Profitability, Maximum Efficiency, Legal and Ethical Compliance, proven professional techniques to improve product sales and profitability.

  • Menu Selling, No Matter What You’re Using
  • Service Contract, GAP, Maintenance, all F&I Products
  • Selling Finance, Prime and Subprime
  • Compliance Basics
  • Creatively Structuring the Deal
  • The Consumer Credit Interview
  • Working With The Sales Desk
  • How to Effectively Present Leasing
  • 100s of Word Tracks and Ziegler’s High-Powered Closes
  • Desking Deals
  • Reducing Chargebacks, Numbers that Stay on the Books
  • How to Work the Lenders
  • Personalized Training, Limited to 30 Students in the Class
  • How to Effectively Rehash the Deal with the Credit Supervisor

This 1 and ½ Day Course is taught personally by James A. Ziegler
Your Numbers Will Dramatically Increase … Immediately

Regardless of your manager’s level of expertise, no matter what other schools they’ve attended, no matter where you are now; this course is Not like anything you’ve ever seen before offered anywhere, by anyone, at any time.

We consider the Samurai F&I Seminar to be the best F&I Training in the world, no matter what your experience, just starting out, or seasoned professional, you’ll learn high-powered, effective techniques and Ziegler Closes, and presentations you’ve never seen before.

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