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In this powerful video interview, Jim Ziegler, The #AlphaDawg, makes an unscheduled, unscripted, impromptu phone call to his friend, David Villa, at Imperial Press Direct in Tampa.

The problem that started the ball rolling is that so many Car Dealers were asking Jim about Direct Mail Marketing for their dealerships. Some dealers are getting really unbelievable great results with mail, while others are not seeing the benefit. What’s the difference?

Jim says, “Frankly, I have little to no expertise on the subject BUT, I do know somebody that does.”

David’s company specializes in Direct Mail Marketing married to technology and Social Media to give the dealers a total synergistic approach to reaching their customers on multiple channels. David and Jim hopped on a Facebook Live Broadcast with no preparation or pre-discussion of topic. This is totally ad-lib. CALL DAVID AT (813) 463-4044

This broadcast is Golden. There is so much more today than just mail by itself. Listen to Jim and David as they discuss blending layers of technology, email, social media and dealer data into soup to deliver customers to the BDC/CRM.

Imperial Press is the Gold Standard of Direct Mail marketing. Their clients are some of the most successful Dealers and Dealer Groups in our industry.

David is waiting for your phone calls for questions and demos, if you’d like. CALL DAVID AT (813) 463-4044.

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