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Unconventional Convention Observations

nadaDebbie and I have attended every National Automobile Dealers Assn. convention since 1987, and I have given a speech or conducted a workshop at almost every one of them.

Since I first walked into a dealership in 1976 and told the sales manager I’d like a job as a car salesman, I’ve seen a lot of changes, especially in recent years.

Some of these changes have been natural while others are being forced by auto makers and vendors furthering their own agenda.

I always smile when they piously point to the customer experience as an excuse for their actions. You’ll hear buzz words like ‘transparency’ and other new-speak.

This year’s NADA convention in Orlando, FL, was exciting for me because of the high-energy attitude and dealer optimism rising like the phoenix from the ashes of despair from the last five years.

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