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Undercover Stealth Car Guy

This was one of those spur-of-the-moment impulse decisions so many people make when the mood is right. Oh, I was going to buy a new car anyway. I had been planning on maybe September or October, but events and emotions caused a shift in plans. I have always taught that people buy emotionally and that logic and analysis is secondary. I am no different.

It all started when we drove down to the Florida Panhandle to look at the possibility of buying a condo in Destin. It’s been five years since we visited, and it’s always been sort of a pipe dream to have a condo there. But the wonderful city we remembered has changed beyond recognition. It now features bumper-to-bumper traffic, crawling at 30 miles an hour almost six months of the year and, in our opinion, the overcommercialization has gotten totally out of control. We canceled our vacation after one day.

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