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Jim Ziegler is coming to Detroit – Orlando – Dallas – Moscow, Russia!

CSPHi, this is Jim Ziegler with a lot of exciting news.

Just returned from Houston where I was a featured speaker at The Digital Marketing Blitz that was tied into the Houston Auto Dealers Annual Car Show. You know it’s still a thrill after all of these years to watch an audience leaning from your expertise. It’s what drives me forward.

Just a week ago we were wrapping up Internet Battle Plan XII in Atlanta and, just a month before that, in December; we were performing Internet Battle Plan XII in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The Internet Battle Plan events featured sixteen experts on every phase of dealership Internet sales, marketing, and phone skills. The audiences from the dealerships are giving us rave revues and testimonials about the results they’re getting. Dealer Principals always attend free.

Now I’m back in Atlanta for a few days getting ready for the NADA Convention in Orlando. I have a feeling this will be an incredible event.

I am presenting a workshop at the Convention, Guerilla Marketing with Facebook and YouTube, Alpha Dawg Style.

I have been a workshop presenter at nearly every convention since 1987 and I have decided that this will be my last appearance as a workshop presenter at an NADA Convention. There is no ominous reason or drama unfolding here. I love NADA and I believe that dealers should show ultimate support for your organization.

I have been keynote speaker at more than 80 State Dealer Association Conventions, most recently I was the Keynote Speaker for the Minnesota Dealers Convention in December. I will continue to do state association keynotes and dealer 20-group presentations as well as speak at perhaps half-a-dozen other conferences throughout the year.

The reason I am withdrawing from workshops at NADA is because it’s time-consuming and eats up a lot of my time to visit with my dealer friends on the convention floor. Debbie and I want to be more social at Convention, visiting with old friends and making new ones. There are so many dealers I have a 30 year history with and so many second and third generation dealers I’ve been doing business with their family throughout the successions. My dealer and industry friendships and influence are my valuable asset and most treasured possession.

Please come to my sessions at the NADA Convention and show your support

During NADA Debbie and I will be hanging out at Booth #4179 as we roll out my new Digital Training Platform … if you’ve been using other digital video training in your dealership maybe it’s time you upgraded to first-class. Regardless, please stop by and say hello. We’d love to meet you and renew old friendships.

After returning from NADA I have two seminars in February in Atlanta. We have the F&I Mastermind Seminar on February 19th-20th and the Sales Manager Seminar on February 21st-22nd.

Not just because I teach them personally, I think my dealership management courses are the best in the industry because of the documented results and testimonials we’re receiving from the dealers and managers. AND, as always, Dealers attend FREE. AND, once you attended and paid for the seminars, you never have to pay to re-attend for life. Lifetime repeats.

Then, March 19th-20thand 21st I am speaking as a featured presenter and session leader at the Internet 20-Group in Dallas.

Internet Battle Plan XIII – MGM Grand Hotel and Casino – Detroit

We’re coming to the Motor City in April with a major event. April 16th-17th-18th (half a day) I am putting together the most spectacular Internet Sales and marketing event This is the 13th time we’ve done it and it only gets better every time. With 20 Internet Sales, Marketing, SEO, Chat, BDC Management and Phone Skills Experts onstage over 2 ½ days, nobody has ever brought this type of event to Detroit. We’re anticipating huge dealership participation. here’s a photo album of past events to show the pure power of Jim Ziegler’s Internet Battle Plan …

Moscow  – Here’s where the adventure Jim Ziegler gets to re-invent myself still another time.

I have some very influential friends in the Car Business – in Russia. They are known to hold huge – as in over-the-top, really big – as in huge – seminars for Russian Car dealers and managers. They’ve invited me to partner on a number of events in Russia…so Debbie and I are getting ready for the new adventures beginning in June 2013.

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