February 8, 2016 The Alpha Dawg

10 Ways to Improve Gross Profit

Do you work for one of those dealerships that believes in this hype about it being impossible to make gross selling cars in today’s market. The manufacturers allows us to mark up new cars 3% to 5%, but then these overpriced vendors promise car buyers savings of $3,500 on a $20,000 car.

Manufacturers aren’t completely innocent, however. They continue to ratchet up those stair-step programs that have dealers chasing the money as they unload vehicles at losses in order to meet unrealistic volume objectives (Nissan). Then some idiot said the industry needs more transparency, which really means drop your pants and give it all away.

I’m not saying we need to hit home runs on every deal, nor am I advocating for deception to make gross. What I am advocating for is discipline and process, with a smidgen of persuasion and finesse thrown in. The following are 10 ways to do just that.

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