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Samurai F&I is about product sales, processes and procedures aimed at High Gross Profitability with Zero Liability.

Taught personally by Jim Ziegler, Samurai F&I features Ziegler’s definitive textbook on F&I Procedures – each student receives a 150 page, information intensive textbook – not a workbook.

Lifetime Free Repeats and as always, Dealer Principal Attends at No Charge. The numbers speak for themselves. We consider this to be the best real-world F&I School offered anywhere by anyone. Your managers will show immediate measurable profit increases; more in two days than most other courses accomplish in a week.

The curriculum includes:

  • Advanced Menu Selling Competency, using proven selling methods and procedures. Establishing the demeanor, attitude, and selling skills of a highly polished, professional Financial Manager. This will include a heavy emphasis on selling intangible products.
  • Maximize Unit Sales from the sales of Finance and Leasing options while maximizing profitability from product sales in the F&I Department. This will include a stated dealership objective of ethical and compliant product mark-up strategy. Learn Consultant Sales Methods to best assist customers in selecting suitable finance packages, lease programs and aftermarket products.
  • Develop full-disclosure Skills for Selling Parts and Labor Agreements (Vehicle Service Contracts) with high penetration and high profitability while reducing cancellations and charge backs.
  • The heart of this course is unique “Word Tracts”, things to say to the customer and overcome objections without confrontation.
  • Develop skills and techniques for selling insurances with high penetration and reduced charge backs. This involves value-oriented sales processes, overcoming customer fears and objections with full legal disclosure.
  • Learn how to manage and motivate the sales force to insure that the F&I/Leasing Manager receives a quality introduction to every customer turnover at the point-of-sale.
  • High-Profitability, Efficiency, Legal and Ethical Compliance, proven professional techniques to improve product sales and profitability.
  • Learn full disclosure procedures designed to create a pleasant, positive, and stress-free buying experience for the customer while still maximizing profit opportunities from rate markup and finance product sales, a thorough review of practical, real-world compliance steps to protect the dealership.