In-Dealership Training and Consulting is conducted personally by James A. Ziegler at your location.

Our objective is to examine and make changes to the variable operation of your dealership. Jim will analyze profitability, procedures, processes, advertising, merchandising, and marketing (traditional and online), and then make recommendations and implement training of sales and management.

All on-site training begins with a one-on-one meeting with the Dealer and top decision makers.

In-Store consultancies can be modified to accommodate your needs.

Cost is $7500 per day plus First-Class Airfare and Hotel. (Ziegler don’t fly in the back of no planes). Includes SuperSystems supplies materials and training manuals, for two or three days quarterly.

Day 1

1. Meeting with Managers and Dealer(s) to outline and review the consulting visit. Analyze current selling system’s strengths and weaknesses. Introduce Ziegler SuperSystem’s philosophy and techniques unique to the system.

2. Kickoff Meeting with entire sales force. (Equally divided into morning and afternoon sessions: Half managers and half sales force in each.)

3. Topics for Sessions:

  • Overview of selling skills
  • The Process Rules
  • Effective Word tracts and closes
  • Minimum responsibilities of a salesperson
  • Image Enhancement
  • Duties of a Sales Professional
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Commitment Statement/Goal Statement
  • Introduction to the “Road To The Sale”

Day 2

Note: Classes divided same as previous day

1.Continuation of “Road to the Sale” including traditional meeting and greeting the customer, presenting the vehicle, establishing common ground, demonstration of the vehicle, product knowledge, etc.

2. Introduction to Selling processes. Overcoming customer objections. Extensive training and practicing customer friendly word tracks. Phone skills and follow-up.

Day 3

F&I and Internet Sales

1. Meet with F&I with Sales Management present

2. Training and procedures

3. Inspect Internet and Technology sales, make suggestions and train CRM, how to use the system. Effective follow up and marketing.