Why Are They Leaving?

May 29, 2022 The Alpha Dawg

Why Are They Leaving?

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If you know me, you know that I hate stats. I believe most stats are made up and created by individuals that want to influence the people receiving the stats. I’m not saying you should ignore stats altogether, but you should be skeptical and take a hard look at who is delivering the stats and what their motivation is to make you believe them.

Let’s say that turnover in the sales department is out of control, and depending on who you believe, more than 80% of salespeople don’t make it through the first year.Recently, I’ve seen stats published that said we have 112% turnover since the pandemic began. Excuse me, I still have a problem with anything being more than 100%, but I can show you the report. And we’re expected to take these people seriously?

After 48 years in the car business, no one has solved the problem.

But with turnover so high, why is it that still, no one seems to have the answer? Well, if you ask me, we never solved the turnover problem because the people doing the alleged research don’t get it. Sorry, but we’re relying on some intellectual goobers theorizing on how it should be, what should work, and what they perceive to be the problems and causes. With that mindset from the onset, they conduct alleged research and develop solutions that fi t their preconceived narrative but have never solved the problem.

Unfortunately, the majority of dealerships- regardless of size or demographic, accept employee turnover as a cost of doing business and build it into their projections. So even though recruiting and hiring costs are approaching $10,000, and the cost of mass turnover in most dealerships equates to a loss of more than $200,000 annually, party-on Garth, we just accept it.

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