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This is the event that will deliver immediate results beyond your expectations.

We wanted to produce a two-day event that would add a lot of value to our dealers and their management teams. Jim selects a handful of highly successful presenters, many still working in the industry, to give your internet sales a turbo-charged increase the day you return to the dealership. Real nuts-and-bolts, how-to-do-it; we’re revealing in depth and with detail exactly how to implement these techniques and processes in your dealership.

Is your dealership realizing your “Internet Sales and Marketing Potential?” Is your dealership underperforming in technology sales and Internet marketing? OR, are you already one of the top-performing Internet Dealerships looking for still a higher level of sales and results? Regardless of where you are, this is the event that will deliver immediate results beyond your expectations.

Battle Plan Graduates have given us raving testimonials about profit and market share increases through technology-enabled sales and marketing tips they picked up from the powerful team of experts Ziegler assembles for Battle Plan. There are virtually hundreds of video testimonials from Internet Battle Plan attendees, dealership managers, dealer principals and industry executives on Jim’s YouTube Channel.

It’s NOT the same old gang that speaks at all of the other events. All of our presenters are A-Team Players with documented track records. Each one brings a unique Dealership Internet skill set to the event. Jim makes sure that the speakers complement each other with specific topics that encompass every piece to the dealership Internet Puzzle.

No Infomercials from the stage. Ziegler’s vision is that the presenters must deliver value to the audience with techniques and processes you can replicate immediately when you return to the dealership, whether you buy anyone’s services or not. No sales pitches from the stage like what you experience with some of the bigger conferences.

As always, Dealer Principals attend FREE whether they bring paid attendees with them or not.

The next Internet Battle Plan is in 2020, location TBA! GET STARTED!