November 27, 2021 The Alpha Dawg

Google Your Business

Oh no! Not again, another article about Google My Business (GMB), and even worse, this one by Jim Ziegler, who is not a recognized expert on Google protocols. If we want to hear anything about GMB, we’ll go to Greg Gifford, George Nenni, or any one of a hundred other credentialled recognized agencies and experts on the subject. What could Ziegler say on this subject that could have any value?

The answer is, I don’t even pretend to be an expert on SEO or SEM, and everything Iknow about GMB I learned from industry experts and agencies that are friends of mine. This article is not about how to do it but, more importantly, why you need to use and constantly build your GMB.

First of all, I want to warn everyone reading this to ignore all of the statistics that you’ve seen, heard, or read on the subject. Nobody has meaningful stats; any alleged research is flawed and biased. I’ve always said, “Figures lie when liars figure.” Whenever someone has a mouth full of numbers, I always suspect their motives and examine their agenda.

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