December 18, 2014 The Alpha Dawg

Haters Will Hate

No matter how good you are, how hard you try to run an ethical and decent business, or how much you bend over backward to do the right thing, somebody out there is talking trash about you somewhere to someone.

Customer satisfaction in the car business has become little more than survey manipulation. A couple of years ago I was a featured speaker at a J.D. Power Automotive Roundtable in Detroit. During my presentation, I said people don’t buy another car from you because of customer satisfaction. Truth is, people don’t know when they’re satisfied, but they do know when they’re not. And that’s when they get emotional.

Think about it. When is the last time you asked to see the restaurant manager so you could compliment the food and the service?

Hello! We’re car people. Customers love to hate us. When I train salespeople and managers, I always start off by telling them, “The consumer does not want to like you.” In fact, they usually make the decision to dislike you long before they meet you. Liking you creates an obligation to be civil, even nice to you.

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