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  1. Rue

    It’s amazing to see how many ways there are of getting rich. There are millionaires out of cable ties

  2. Rue

    When I jumped on call with grant the first time I clicked “call in.” then pressed “yes” to the webcam option. DONE.

  3. @RetainRobbieRob Are you getting any value out of it? That’s the most important thing no matter who is on right now

  4. Rue

    It depends what the objective is here I guess. You can appreciate the artisitc qualities of the products, and at the same time setup the site to have a handful of them available for sale to people who just want a hang up

  5. Rue

    I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a program that gets new/small businesses up and running with a full SM campaign in 30 days. just the basics to get them going chealy

  6. Rue

    There are so many businesses that would benefit from some simple concepts in free marketing.