March 30, 2016 The Alpha Dawg

Killing F&I

I’ve been writing about this for years. As a matter of fact, I’ve screamed it from the mountaintops until the echoes rang repeatedly around the industry. I’ve watched it gain momentum as a consortium of vendors, manufacturers and other assorted rogues and pirates dreamed and schemed up a plot to assassinate the F&I department.

They’ll sell it to the dealers by promising to reduce the time it takes to complete a sale. They’ll talk about the magical customer experience it creates when the horrible F&I process is eliminated. They’ll tell you any competent salesperson can present and sell the products and make the proper disclosures. You’ll ask who exactly will deliver and disclose the contract and all the documents and get the deals worked. That’s where it gets a little sketchy.

But that’s not even the sketchiest part. Let’s look at the real motives behind this slow-motion trainwreck.

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