February 28, 2015 The Alpha Dawg

Mexican-Owned U.S. Dealerships Raise Questions

Am I the only one who hs a fundamental problem with Nissan‘s latest move to bring dealers into the U.S. from Mexico?

Initially it’s Texas, California, and probably Florida, Illinois, Arizona, New Mexico, and then the rest of the country.

Nissan is promoting Mexican dealer operators to own and run retail Nissan dealerships in the U.S. Now, understand, we’re not talking about American dealers with Mexican heritage. No, we’re talking about foreign-owned companies that currently have dealerships in Mexico.

This is one of those times where I think there ought to be a law. I’m not sure if there is a law that prevents a manufacturer from importing foreign ownership of U.S. dealerships.

I suspect some American dealers are about to get the shaft bigtime. Through the years, I’ve written repeatedly that Nissan has a reputation of being heavy-handed with its loyal dealers with its policies, stair-step incentives and various programs.

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