January 20, 2016 The Alpha Dawg

Shop Click Die

I just spent two hours reading 30 pages describing General Motors’ new Factory Pre-Owned Collection, a program designed to open up the automaker’s remarketing channel to consumers through an online portal. GM dealers, you’re about to be royally screwed over on your last real profit center.

The “Shop Click Drive” program, the car-buying service consumers will use to purchase the more than 30,000 used cars that will be made available through GM’s online portal, has always stunk of the incompetence, greed, and anti-dealer sentiment that has infected GM at the highest levels, and it’s about to get worse.

Your manufacturer is eyeballing control of off-lease, rental returns and other program cars — vehicles with less than 37,000 miles on the odometer — as a potential additional profit center at the expense of their dealers. They’re rolling out the most absurd and ill-conceived program they’ve come up with to date.

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