Showroom Showdown

May 12, 2015 The Alpha Dawg

Showroom Showdown

Alpha Dawg says - "Don't Be Lee Van Cleef and Don't Suck"

Alpha Dawg says – “Don’t Be Lee Van Cleef and Don’t Suck”

If it wasn’t obvious to you by now, I am an avid fan of old spaghetti Westerns. In fact, my love of Westerns and their good-vs.-evil themes has inspired many of my speeches, articles and campaigns. And every one of them stress the virtue of standing up for idealistic values.

We all know the good guys and admire what they stand for, but the good guys would be nothing without the bad guys bringing the fight to them. They were deceitful and despicable — evil personified, you could say.

And nobody did it better than Lee Van Cleef. He played a bit character in 109 Westerns and died in most of them. Gary Cooper killed him in “High Noon,” John Wayne pistol-whipped him in “Liberty Valance,” “The Rifleman” ran him out of town, and Clint killed him in “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” Heck, even Rock Hudson outdrew and killed him.

Van Cleef did live through some of his movies, but he usually just had to die, mostly because he was pure evil.

Remember how proud you were when they promoted you to F&I manager? They sent you to F&I school and gave you an office. And with it came power and prestige, and all of your friends on the sales floor wished you well. Then, without warning, they turned on you like a pack of rabid dogs fighting over a pork chop.

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