Staying Power

April 4, 2014 The Alpha Dawg

Staying Power

Erosion can affect every aspect of your dealership, from staff and processes to the very foundations of your business. The Alpha Dawg wants you to keep fighting.

In every training situation I have ever conducted, I have repeated the same words to every audience: “In the car business, we don’t have a ‘knowing’ problem, we have a ‘doing’ problem.” It’s amazing how many times dealers, managers and experienced sales professionals will sit in my seminars and say, “I knew that.”

Of course they did. Regardless of what they’re saying, nobody is actually reinventing the car business. I spend more time reminding my students about things they should already be doing than teaching things they don’t know. There is still a basic, proven road-to-the-sale process. There are things customers say and things we say in response.

Through the years, the process has evolved and modernized to become more customer-friendly and transparent. New technology has made more information available and the manufacturers have compressed the profit per unit to unconscionably low levels. Just because our sales departments know how to sell cars, there is no guarantee they’re doing what they know they should.

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