October 15, 2015 The Alpha Dawg

The Cover-Up

We as Americans have always thought of ourselves as the good guys. That’s because our nation is founded on principles like truth, justice and the American way. So why is it that big companies and government officials seem to be blatantly violating this nation’s laws with little to no consequences?

We saw it when Wall Street came crashing down in 2008. And now we’re seeing an epidemic of criminality and cover-ups by automobile manufacturers. Is this behavior new? Is it some breakdown in decency that just recently began to happen, or has this been part of the accepted culture for a long time?

Of course, the latest in this long series of dubious activity resulted in General Motors (GM) agreeing to pay $900 million in what was labeled a “criminal settlement” over a cover-up of ignition switch defects. Those defects are linked to 124 deaths.

In the settlement, GM admitted it had hidden the defects from both consumers and the government. I am going to assume GM officials knew these switches were killing their customers. The question is, did they value money over the lives of the people who bought GM vehicles? It sure seems so.

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